OCD at its core is the inability to accept uncertainty. Life is uncertain and no one can predict the future, and for someone with OCD they will try relentlessly to try and to figure out how to reassure themselves and predict the future. OCD knows you the best out of anyone and will use that as a weapon against you. The content of the OCD does not matter it can shift to different forms and will try any angle to get your attention. If it isn’t getting a reaction it will change its approach until you fold. Remember it is not about getting rid of the thoughts, but living with them and changing your reaction. A common hurdle with dealing with OCD is the inability to accept that having these thoughts and ideas are natural and everyone experiences them. A sufferer will become so terrified that they start to resist and carryout compulsions, which just makes things worse. I met Jonathan Greyson at the conference, someone I have been admiring for years, his books, videos, and work have truly changed my life and my outlook on OCD. At the conference he told me an important message when OCD keeps attacking responding with “maybe it will happen or maybe it wont” the idea here is that we don’t know what will happen and being okay with living with MAYBE will help the brain be okay with any thoughts. I would highly recommend practicing this technique, any thought that pops up that triggers fear respond with this, I know it is easier said then done especially because OCD can be present all moments of every waking hour, but it gets easier the more you practice. Doing this while practicing ERP to purposely challenge your fears will help significantly. It is extremely important to find a therapist who is trained in ERP the IOCDF website has an approved list of therapists who know how to treat OCD:

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