Lean Into The Fear

Intrusive thoughts feel so real and intense that it creates an automatic urge to want to get rid of them. The internal dialogue quickly turns to STOP! I can’t handle it, I hate these thoughts, what does this mean etc?! Practicing bringing the thought in and showing you aren’t afraid will make the brain move on and not get “stuck”. An example is you have a thought of something horrible instead of trying to run away from it ask for more, say I want these thoughts and the thought loses its power because you are no longer afraid of it. Aaron Harvey an OCD advocate gives a great example of this when talking about passing a ladder on the street and right away having the thought that something bad will happen now if I go near that ladder, someone will get hurt or I might push someone into it. Instead of being afraid and scared he goes directly to the ladder stands under it allows all the horrible and horrifying thoughts to enter and moves on, and the more you practice this throughout the day leaning into the thoughts and fears the more your brain realizes it can no longer trap you. This is very hard to do but even trying a little bit everyday will significantly decrease the grip OCD has.

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